Showing some love

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Left - Right
1. Watching Maliq & D'essentials as guest star of Gogirl! Look Crowning Night at Balai Sarbini
2. On the way to watch Transformers 2 at Plaza Senayan with Rayhan
3. Photosession with Aghnia using torchlight
4. Irvan playing along with his flinstone
5. Showing some love with Nadine's torchlight
6. Rayhan stirring a cup of hot tea at Pancious the Pancake House
7. Photoshoot with Tabita in my room
8. Having dinner at Bricks Lounge with Anin, Nadine, Gabby, Fidhy, Boyke, and Rayhan
9. Posing with dumb glasses with Rayhan sucking Conello ice cream
10. Jumping in front of Pancious with Mauddy for the sake of "jumping picture"
11. Ray of light produced with desk lamp by me and Aghnia
12. Tabita trying to braid my hair
13. Lights of Handphone Screen squeezed by Mauddy in front of me inside Rayhan's ride
14. Wif fidhy at Bricks Lounge, Plaza Semanggi SkyDining
15. Hair and Light of me in Aghnia's room
16. Posing awkwardly with Nadine in front of my closet
17. With Irvan as a local celebrity wannabe
18. Property of Jusuf Kalla's campaign owned by Dhila
19. With Aghnia inside school studio
20 With Gabbyta at the entrance of Gogirl! Look Crowning Night venue
21. Ghina's improved drawing held by me
22. My love-framed glasses purchased at nearest Trade Centre
23. Ray of torchlight by Aghnia
24. Singing along with Syandi at school studio
25. Love sunglasses of mine and Aghnia's
26. Playing some tunes on the school studio
27. With Camilla Kamal in front of school field
28. With Syandi, Dita, Ghina, and Nadine in school studio
29. Hands of mine avoiding unwanted snapshot
30. With Syandi in front of school field

This took plenty of time and energy but I could say that the result quite satisfies me..........Just showin some lo-hooooove for you. Woohoooooo cant wait for the next visit! Anyway........I feel extremely overjoyed yet quite restless after the trip and (as expected) didn't get any of my homework done. However due to the new regulation about H1N1 I won't be allowed to come to school for the next 7 days. So I've got a whole week to go. AHHHHH Wish me luck people!



  1. khuereeeeennnzzz beuuudh mandaaaaa

  2. muakkasseeehhhh picaaakkk<3333333333