To Make Every Vote Counts

Eh uh honestly I did not set high expectations on my poll (though I do have quite high unrealistic hope for anything in my life) but then I saw very good responses coming from all of you and suddenly I felt the urge to say THANK YOU and I know that it won't be enough even if I shout it for a hundred times!! I'm still considering sections such as What-I-wore-today............actually I've planned this section from longer time ago but I thought it would only hook up a particular group of people which I don't want to happen. Another thing is, I prefer a lookbook account rather than blog because I don't want to mix them up together. But question is, who's kind enough to give me an invitation code to lookbook? (I'm serious) My blog is more about my life and my thoughts in general and What-I-Wore-Today is, well, I think, another thing. I don't want you who did not expect that leave my blog at the time you see this blog's stuffed with What-I-Wore-Today things. Also, since I moved out to another country, it is clear that I can't bring all my treasures here; resulting in loss of creativity. Not that limited, actually, but I am really willing to play with all my clothes, not less. Now I have only a pair of shorts, few dresses, a stack of basics and a countable number of tops in my closet. Yet shoes is a matter. I only brought really really miserable number of shoes. And I lost one pair which is one of my favorite and you may ask why? It is not in a high-end quality but it has been with me all this time and goes with almost everything. When I don't know what else to wear my mind will automatically jumped into this humble pair yet now it is nowhere to be found. Okay, enough with clothes stuff, fee-yooh.

Now about personal stories... I'm thinking of adding some more personal stories that are very relevant to me but not that personal yet happened to most people. Did you get that? Hahaha it's not that complicated. My aspirations are just to create a blog, more as an arsenal that is able to stack raw and also proceeded thoughts that (I hope) could inspire all of you and not only a certain group of people. I want my blog to be relevant to you and today's world, really, hahaha.

And photos..........yadda yadda. I brought mycamera less and less these days and losing so much opportunities to capture best moments so yes, seeing this high demands for more piccies; I am planning to bring it more frequently then ever! I never knew that number of demands for photos would be this high...*giggle* thanks people :)

Books and music review. Yesterday I went to warehouse sale of books and I realised that Singaporeans are much readers. Most of them buying heaps and heaps of books while I was only purchasing three of them. I'll give you the review as soon as I have the time. I believed that one of them is really a treasury find, I reveal you the title : The White Tiger.

Lastly I must say that I can't really appreciate your time spent on this humble poll enough. Merci beaucoup everyone ;)


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  2. okay i will tell you how to do that chignon (do you also use the word 'dutt'?) it's a bit hard for me 'cause no one teached me how to explain any hair-do.
    at first you must do your hair like a high ponytail or a loos dutt (you have to test what's better for you) than you need some slides or hairpins to do you hair to a big, fluffy chignon. i think that's not a good description but i hope you have understand it?!

  3. MANDA. "Also, since I moved out to another country, ; resulting in loss of creativity."

    I AGREE!