Another day, another boredom. In need of cure? Indeed. And here comes looklet, as an oasis to feed your dry as dust oesophagus. I pretty much believe this application has driven so many girls out there mad, so has it to me. It maybe new and still has to add in some more stocks, but watch out polyvore, you've got a lovely potential competitor here. I can't take off any single sight of my eyes from this flattering application, how could I anyhow? To put all your choice of beautiful wardrobe that you might have ever dreamt of for all of your lifetime on various gorgeous models in just one click!

Anyway...I've heard this kind of technology will soon replace the use of fitting room. So yes, you won't need to take off your clothes and put another one which maybe troublesome for some people, anymore. The computer will take the picture of your current figure, put the particular images of clothes or anything you want to see how it suits your body fittedly, and voila! You're there, on the screen, wearing the dream clothes. Hmm, wait. Do you think it's better than going into fitting room, put it on your own, and enjoy every joyous moment while looking at your real figure in the mirror in complete details?


  1. I like polyvore and looklet both, they're both fun for killing time lol

    Yeah, that kind of dressing room ihas already been used at some shops at Japan :)

  2. yeah youre totally right heeheh.wow Ive never heard its been practiced currently...I thought it's still in progress of planning, hahaha how late i was. thanks for dropping by :)

  3. Looklet is fun! I love it too <3
    About the digital dressing room you have mentioned... I've heard about it too, somewhere. Wow, Technology is rapidly developing!

  4. hahahhaa yeah mod.........as rapid as thunderbolt, makes me fidget around