everything is so messed up.

the third week since new school started but the homeworks and assignments still haunt me barbarously in such an endless queue. i did a lot of catching-ups -which i still do- and i feel i can barely breathe. cruel amount of sleeps makes me suffer in silence, i quit working for a while but still, i feel like a restless monkey. i gained dark circles around my eyes and i couldnt help it. the perfect things here are just fridays, library, and B (the only one who encourages me indirectly to go to school everyday). I went to library and brought three books, Brick Lane and Pride and Prejudice and A Place Called Here. But in exchange, I lost my chemistry book and my mom told me off yesterday. I doubt I could manage to finish all these books, although they are amazing, due to the lack of my ability to cope with school stuff. The manager of the place where I work told me to come just once this sunday. I do not know whether I should go or not. I think I need a more relaxed job. Wish me could find one.

Oh I am in a desperate need of holiday

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