10 facts

I know i should take a bath and get prepared for my tuition class but I a tempted to do this.

no no no im not going to write ten random facts of me or whatsoever it is 10 facts guys do not know about girls. This is going to be very honest, no lies and it will uncover everything. Some facts some girls, and me included, will sometimes deny but in the depth of our heart we admit that is the fact. We as girls are not that white so I just want things to be straightened up. I got this idea from Cassey and i am going to pick some good points of hers to make my own version. so let's get started! and get prepared to earn a ten-inches smirk ;p

Audrey Hepburn © Douglas Kirkland

1) We want you to say we are beautiful even if we are actually not. But please note that overdone praises are a big no-no. They are nonsense.

2) We have the right to hate all your ex-girlfriends and your future girlfriends.

3) We have such a scary amount of pride and tend to be on our own, but in fact we need somebody to lean on.

4) We are unlikely to say what we actually want, we want you to know it without us explaining it.

5) Believe it, we know every single matter you've been hiding, we just pretend not to know and wait and see whether you are going to be honest or not.

6) Plans are our thing. But still, we always expect an unexpected surprise.

7) We have high expectations on you, only you never recognise. So please never let them fall. We do not suppose everything to be perfect, just near the line is just perfect.

8) There is no use to stop us when we are crying. It is an act to express our emotions because you do not understand what we mean. We prefer this to mouthing out the words. And we need not more words from you.

9) We hate you to make us think you are complicated because we know you are not.

10) It is a fact that we think about you multiple times than you do. It is not because we don't have anything to do you know, it also does not mean that we love you more than you have expected. It is just our sense. We take more time to think about a single thing more than you do. It just makes us feel better. But do not ask what we are thinking about or what do we think about you because there are too many things out there to think and that makes our heads aching and full of weird stuff, which are mostly unnecessary. And then we start to put things which are really necessary into disappearance slowly instead and in quick glance we forget already what your question is and that is why we are not really good to express our feeling directly, unless you give us time to think again, properly.

Addition : When we say we want you to leave us alone, we never really mean it. You can do anything but be by our side. Back to fact number 3.

I am really anxious about how guys do their own version ... but I know they don't share things like us, hahaha. But I'd love to hear one, in case there is one ;)


  1. hahaha iya nih nda 2 lagi masih mikir hua hua

  2. I totally agree with number 5 and 10! really fits for me, haha.
    oiya, kakak dulu di SMA 78 ya?

  3. ^Amanda

    yess how come you know ;)