Movie Marathon

Last week I watched couple of movies at my friends' cribs, oh it was so exciting!! I watched about five movies, some are good but the others are rather disappointing. I was on an exams period anyway, but who cares. I doubt I could pass math class this semester, it was said eleven of my classmates at math class didn't pass. But I still get some hopes, there's nothing wrong with hoping anyway. These are the movies

4bia (phobia)

It contains 4 adrenaline-pumping stories and I must say, I was impressed. I really like the fourth story, it's frightened us madly, and I meant it. We kept on screaming and sweating badly like we were at a Theme Park. The third story was rather funny but I still loved it. I love the concept which was-I think copied by an Indonesian movie(you must know the Indonesian one). Wicked! Phobia is a promising horror movie.

Anyway, one of the guy really looked like the vocalist of Indonesian band and we kept laughing at him. I gave you the picture, he is on the right one... mirip bangetkan sama bams samsons? hahaha

House Bunny

To decrease the horror atmosphere that was still felt, we decided to pick up a light and refreshing movie. House Bunny is a title that excited my friends a lot, so we put it on the list. I had a big doubt at first though. But after 120 minutes of laughs and giggles, we did not regret it at all. In my opinion it's not so typical like the movies of a similar genre. It had a not-so-bad story, at least. And funny, and fresh.

Apartmet 1303

A japanese movie with a semi-horror genre, is the next movie. Just because seeing the poster, we cancelled body 19 and picked this title up. The story is not as good as we've expected, and also the visual effects. The ghosts didn't give us any shot. Disappointing!

Claudia Jasmine

It's Indonesian movie that we've heard the name many multiple times. I didn't follow the whole story because I fell asleep lightly in the middle of the movie. No, not beacause it was boring (boring, a little bit actually). The story is quite good though I've expected it on the first-middle part. And the soundtracks are favorite as they were presented by Maliq & d'essentials.


  1. hauahauhauahauaha mau lagi movie marathon! seru bangettttttttttt
    ngakak liat bams samsonnya

  2. ayoooo mirip yakannnn hahaha kapan nihhh bunches of movies are waitin wkwkwk

  3. waaaaah enak banget man, nonton dirumah siapa? hihihihi mau doooooonng