How deep oh How deep

Adeaze cover - How deep /song of my precourtship period (:

Since breakin up from my ex (which is I'd been trying to hide, but pity it was too obvious) I've been thinkin about the memories we've had. Well, though he'd been doing tons of things in order to make me happy, I couldn't feel the vibe. I just don't get it. Is it me who should be blamed for asking too much? Is it me who doesn't really comprehend what is a feeling called love?

Or maybe our love was just a fake,
wasn't it? Or
maybe we've never really fallen in love

With being more honest, no one will get hurt no more, no more pushes, gashes, wounds, and cries. So I decided this. I never love this option, but this would be the best.
Good, ain't it?
At least I hope so. Yea
I do hope so.
Sounds selfish, but I was just tryin to be honest.

I am nothing if not honest x


  1. hahah ngga papa nun, itulah kenyataan hahaa

  2. menyentuh, ouch. don't be sad baby, because we're all here by your side :)))

  3. thankyou very much pica ... ahh you all are my best cure I swear ;)