Hello, evening blog people. I'm back from routine, hey I really hate to say: "I'm busy" but this time, I got no excuse. Lately I've been into tons of stuff, some are amusing and some other are annoying. But I'm now full of bliss that most of them are done, though I'll still have things to get done, like planting red and green bean for my biology assignment. (hah yes, such an elementarian did)

I just broke my fast, hey it's fasting month! Great to hear that. Ah, sorry for the lame photos. I took the picture with my webcam, also with the worst lighting and so I got no much time left so I left it just as it is. It's my art assignment and it's almost done. Good.

Well, my life goes pretty well, at least that is what I think. Lots of thing happened and thank God, I'm happy enough with my life. My goal now is to get my Mom and Dad a little bit proud of me, they've been the most important part of my life.

Rayhan Arkinsha
Nadine Clarissa and Keysia Tabita

And the things which once overlooked, I'm trying to get it back as it should be. And, more great friends equal more joy too I expect. Getting close and make friends with another is such a pleasant thing to do. Recently some of them come visit my earthy house and we spent some chit-chat time together. Dear friends, I present you a great deal of thanks :-)

One more thing. Yes, I've Decided.
ehm. I broke up. Done !

Listening to : Shut up and Let me go - The Ting Tings


  1. "Getting close and make friends with another is such a pleasant thing to do."


  2. I am waiting for the next chit chat baby. hihihihi