Last night I went to a party which is restricted for women and girls. Most of the guests are Arabian (I think it was meant for them, actually). They did some belly dancing, I somewhat regret that I didn’t bring any camera. That was interesting, they shook their hips and danced impressively. I saw some of them, maybe five or six women, wearing veil and dressed in black. I thought they were cool, I don’t care what people said about them. They’re full of controversy and anonymity and that’s why I was kinda interested. Last night they took down their scarf and veil, and they were absolutely stunning! It was finally over on midnight; I arrived home at nearly twelve and felt a bit exhausted. My boyfriend phoned me for minutes, ah not—for an hour and we had some talks. I knew he was feeling exhausted too, I wish he had a tight sleep.

Then what I’m gonna do today, I wonder if I should buy some new uniform as the school changed the regulation recently. I don’t really like it actually, I was thinking of not obeying them, but then I changed my mind. Maybe I’ll purchase some and just keep it, then decide whether it would be good if I just keep them as it is, or wear them as a proof that I listen to what they’ve instructed.

Talking about what I’m gonna do today, my boyfriend asked me to go to a wedding reception.. It’s his sister’s. It sounds great, considering I haven’t meet him for a week (I’m terribly missing him !) and there will be lots of people attend. But unluckily, I got several explanations why I couldn’t go. First I haven’t really known his big family yet (We’ ve been in this relationship for 5 months). Also, it would be tiring to have some hairdos, makeup, wardrobes. I love to get dressed actually, but I’m too moody to do it for now. And this is the main reason : I had a fancy dress that I couldn’t wear it for a number of reasons (too).

The conclusion is I should just stay at home and keep doing random thing.

I also haven’t done my homework and stuff …………..aaaah ! I got too much to do but I’m too lazy, I always stick with my bed, I’m slugabed ! But do you think it’d be better if I go? Though I think it’s already too late.

Yeah perhaps I should just send them some greetings.

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