I am not what you think I am
I am what you thought I shouldn't be
I am writer
Yes I have freedom of speech but I feel nervous when opening my mouth to ask for directions
I stole paints from your attic that you thought I couldn't reach
I swapped your china dog for a refresher bar & a mix tape recording of the top 10 countdown in 1992
I set fire to the bedroom I use to rent, but only once
I am friends with many people, not all are men, not all are women, not all are men or women.but they are all friends.
I spend beyond my means & I don't think about the consequences
I hate apricot's
I love london
& I have lived in sin with many men on more than one occasion
I got a nose bleed last time I went to church
I have no regrets.

These recent days I've been wondering about poetry and lyrics ... Words are truly amazing, you know I really love it : ) This is one of the poems that I do admire from my favorite artist, Polly Scattergood. I listen to her these recent days, also CocoRosie and those stuff, hey I admire them alot ! My boyfriend also gave me some recommendation, and they're quite good .. He also writes some songs, I also listen to em and it's sinking me away, haha. Hmmmm I guess I lost in music recently, yeah I love words and sounds, they're fuckin needed right?

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