Hey people
Talking about Gaskins, err I meant Pee Wee Gaskins, it's one of indie bands in my country Indonesia, hm wondered if you know them, do you love it or hate it?

I bet lotsa Indonesian know them well these days; their songs were aired daily on the several radio stations, they're kind of easy listening and yeah. To be honest, I loved them well but then I gave them up .. I used to be in the front for them, my people always know how I used be, I listened to their demo I got from them everydayyy-- yeah they were so long ago ... I think it's been more than half year since I watched their performing live.

Then i don't know I just stop listening to them, I never appear on their footage anymore and yeah, I just don't get them any longer recently. Until yesterday one of my buddies asked me to go watch them performing live, she asked why I don't listen to them anymore. I want to come but I don't know what to do. No idea at all

Then I wonder, when something lost its restrictiveness and got too common, would most people give it up and seek for something more exclusive? I think it is natural, it's a human sense


  1. yayy i'm glad you dont listen to them anymore har har har

  2. Yum yay that's right len ham ham