This, is my face, covered in freckles with the occasional spot and some veins.
This, is my body, covered in skin, and not all of it you can see
And, this, is my mind, it goes over and over the same old lines
And, this, is my brai-ai-ai-ai-ain, it's torturous analytical thoughts make me go-o-o insane

I love Kate Nash, yes I know her from longer time but now I'm really into her. People said she sounds like Lily Allen but for me Kate Nash is far cooler (though hey- I love Lily Allen too *chuckle*) Haha I really love how she sounds and how she makes the words become alive, definitely makes me feel something and fill my empty space; to the fuller. Her works are funny and moving at the same time. Here comes my favorite video of hers.

I admire the concept, huh makes me grinning all day !


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  2. That lyrics are from " Mouthwash " ,right ?. That's MY favorite one from Nash.
    She's great,isn't she ?.I like the "tone" of her music.



  3. yes you're right : ) yes I adore her to the max ha ha

  4. See the message I left for your July 8th post.