lately i have been into browsing online catalogues of perfumes; review upon review, note upon note, one .jpg of a bottle upon another... it's addictive. i used to wonder what would be the possibility of virtual transportation of smells--nokia had this amazing newspaper ad, like most of their other brainy/juicy ads at that time, that captured my curiosity from a rather precise angle. "now we could send pictures with a touch. who knows you could send smells in future?"

almost 10 years later, smell is still not as portably transportable as its siblings: hearing, sight, and even to a certain extent, touch. you can't google a smell the way you do a book cover (duh). you can't even send perfumes in liquid form to some places, due to their features (flammable, etc). perhaps the only other sense that suffers from the same level of restriction is taste.

this additional film of mystique adds up to my excitement. you can google a perfume, have an idea of what it looks like, watch its ad, and yet still have no inkling what it actually smells like... some are quite predictable though, i am quite familiar with vanilla, fruity, and floral scents. throughout the years of my minimalistic experience with fragrances i seldom stumbled upon interesting ones that made me tick. i've been with two issey miyakes (favorites to the last drop), escada (too fruit punchy, too summery), burberry weekend (nice, unisex, soft, unintrusive, agreeable), and a bunch of plastic bottled victoria secrets to last through my highshool years in jakarta (everybody had one). now i'm with my new lanvin couture jeanne, which is pleasant but with very soft sillage and alright longevity. i decided on this because this was the only perfume that did not turn me off like most other department store perfumes... tried it in jakarta, forgot how it smelled like, only remembered that it smelled nice. it smelled stronger on a paper strip than on my wrist, i felt.

i started googling to search for my next scent... and the possibility now seems endless. i found perfumes that smell like oyster, and those that are made based on different blood groups. what an appealing idea. although i felt that issey miyake was a good match, i found out that my niche could be woody aromatic: this conclusion comes from the fact that my favorite perfume ever so far is, a men perfume that belongs to this group. so i came across lush perfumes and found breath of god.

what a name. yes. if only i could smell a little of it with just a click. technology, help.

it has been said that it smells differently on different people, and even on the same person from day to day. "on me it smells like an ash tray but on her, it smells like a beautiful melon garden." what.

visiting its physical store is on the top of my weekend to-do-list now. maybe #2, according to the mean stares produced by this heap of school papers i can't wait to be done and get over with... 5.5-module-semester is a nightmare, plus taking care of multiple socnet accounts... everything now is about the internet, eventually.

i don't expect myself to write about scents, but they're the only thing i feel like writing about right now.


  1. hi amanda feel like we can be scent sisters

    1. cool unfortunately i was too human for breath of god (tried it yesterday)