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will be having food & nutrition final tomorrow but it seems like the only thing that matters now is getting a good parka (i have a leopard polyester one from topshop and reversible one from nikicio--favorite, but earthy green seems like a good color to work around, outfit-permutation-wise)

i had been looking around since forever and it had always seemed impossible to get something good around my preferred price range (<$100). mostly the cheap ones are made of very flimsy materials that get crinkled with every sitting/surge of wind = not flattering, also in washed khaki green that seems too light to my preference--would like my parka to have an olive or fern green undertone in the darkest shade possible (but far from black). i also violently abhor this ubiquitous excessive use of drawstrings, i think it's awful to walk with strings that are not fringe everywhere--the point of my wearing one is not to close it anyway--i would most of the time, and not just because of the horrid weather, leave it open. and definitely no fur lining or padded interior. marsha's parka which surprisingly came from forever21's essentials range was to me, the modern definition of the word 'steal'. it was REALLY great. like walking with your home cocooning you everywhere: nothing too fancy, but it's warm and familiar and looks good.

saw an apc one at sale price--out of the aforementioned price range but hell it looks beautiful; but it was sold out...and patience is not one of my strongest virtues when it comes to clothing (i have this horrible 'I HAVE TO GET THIS' alarm that sets off way too quickly, need to tame it so it goes back to the speed it used to operate at) so i kept looking, inquiring a friend who had a parka i had a crush on (hey hafiz akhbar), browsing #parka hashtag on instagram, et cetera; felt like i was slowly morphing into parka's creepiest stalker friend...

and finally i came across this picture on anandiaputri's instagram feed (and no, it was not part of my #parka hashtag hunt) and saw, for the first time since long ago, a parka that did not make me cringe. it was far more effeminate than marsha's f21 one, which i do not mind. only one drawstring and it seems to me that an almost perfect rightness of length, color, and amount of drapes has come into fruition. god, i saw this as part of ikyk collection a year ago and did not really lay my eye on it?? shame on me..

ikyk (i know you know) is indonesian brand that in my opinion, takes the consistency of its aesthetics very seriously. i am a big sucker for ALL their campaign videos, even since their debut (shown above). theirs are not like some certain videos in which the models seemed not knowing what to do--although i believe mostly they are ordered to look like they have fun, but they really don't... not the models' fault since i realize most of the models are their friends who are willing to help in exchange of a good time and experience (very sound offer to me). ikyk tries to mitigate this problem by taking the set and surrounding into play too, mostly to create intensive moods. but then their models are good at blending in with the whole atmosphere anyway... i think they deserve more views.

their latest collection hasn't featured a video--i am unclear as to whether they have decided not to include one into their campaign. i am pretty much dreading to see one though! you see the collection now has shifted into a more neat-casual scene that is more fitting for daily wear.

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