floral prints have gone haywire lately, mostly in an exciting way--gone are the days where it's just flower petals scattered over a soft thin garment, swirling around equally distanced thorny soft pink rosebuds. it all started out with katrantzou, some would say, nailing perhaps the most effeminate head-to-toe power suit. everyone else picked up and gave their own spin; after all, average flowers are more or less universally accepted and associated with positive things.

i have also posted some of my favorites here, including the dress by stolen girlfriend club that i used to have an itch for and now wonder where i would take it on my skin to (i'm over teenage prom age, and never had one, btw.) it seems neverending; people's fascination with flowers. and they always find new ways to incorporate them. you've seen it on men's five panel caps, you've seen the ultra geometric neatly arranged petals on pants, you've seen the sweater with jacquard leafy flower appliques, you've seen the flower power stickers organza separate or dress by c kane...

masha reva did her own interpretation here. i have seen people doing floral/nature-themed jumpsuit, they were ok, eye-catching; but masha reva's collaboration with ukraine based clothing line syndicate was something else. it seemed very whole. it never got off my head since this morning... had always been contemplating it all these hours, that's what i mainly did the whole day. the price itself wasn't that steeply unreasonable, i was expecting it to hover much above 100 usd (turned out it was 130 usd). well i spent the rest of my hours feeling idiotic trying to figure out the 'buy now' button... it wasn't there. maybe i was dumbed down to the point where the quality my scrutinize has been much worn and weakened... but i checked other items and the 'add to cart' was right there, jutting out. so well it seems like the sweaters had all flew fast off the shelves... really hoping that one of these (spoiler: it's moorland) will come back by the time the personal financial management god in me has grown kinder and wiser...



anyway the back part of the sweatshirt is my favorite! it's not as HEY I'M 2.0 as jeremy scott's past collection, although i quite liked that one as well. also how the photography makes the shape looks so fluid--neoprenelike.

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  1. super gorrrgggg. manda, itu third photo is that really the print of a windows window?