scarlet water

the virgin suicides, 1999

i feel like cecilia (2nd picture) is entitled to too little exposure in the movie. she is my favorite. basically she sets the tone for the rest of the story.

the movie itself is full of pretty visuals. i am not completely crazy over it. i think it is an ok adaptation of the book whose fans will find difficult to dislike. also: trip fountaine.

i talked about the book a while ago here. i admire that the book reads like a unisex/neutral one (if that makes sense), as it is about feminine suicides written by a male author. it is both near yet distant, specific and general, personal issues vs social issues. the result is just a gorgeous lace-swirled unsolved riddle..


  1. I like this movie although it's definitely not Sofia's best. Unfortunately I've never really liked the book, but then again I've only read it once, my opinion tends to get better after having a second taste, maybe I should re-read it again.

    1. maybe you should. but there is no shame when you don't like books other people highly praise, it is only taste. i just like the whole approach, the inability to share depression and the needs to understand it and the failure to do so i think it is very humanly brilliant