technicolor daisy


i hate mornings tank from oakham market, thrifted pants, eyeball necklace from ahmad, bare ring

i would've matched these pictures with witch house music but these campaign videos seem oddly appropriate too
i've been immersing myself in the demanding enjoyment of politics class, but i hope all is well; got back my essay from the lecturer, a funny man who always seems in tune with the world around and far away from him
today was our mid-term, his questions were straightforward therefore there should be no room for misunderstanding (i certainly hope not)
he likes being concise with words and never scolds any student for sleeping or texting; but his lessons deserve and receive the necessary attention anyway

i'll be off to sydney for four days and in spirit of that i had kangaroo loins last weekend
i hope you'll have a good weekend too

also, new bangs

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