(because otherwise i'll forever forget)

today is death cab's concert, and i realized i haven't listened to their new album yet; only the rather off remixes

DCFC is among the bands i want to see live. it's an ultimate band like some people would say, so human, so raw. along the rather narrow list are stars, foals (checked), local natives, mew, tame impala, crystal castles, copeland (checked, sobtearssob via last farewell tour), bjork, coldplay

so i gave their new album a go, and thought it was not that bad. i was mean and i actually expected it to be a flop like feist's metals

reading shriver's we need to talk about kevin, very different from the history of love, it got exhausting sometimes but the innate precision present in most paragraphs seems really, really rewarding

haven't watched movies for a very long time, need to do a movie marathon. the last time i saw was moon, excellent movie. might do a post about it

ordered quite a lot of things online, few have arrived, this is a nice feeling

pic #1: what i've been eating
pic #2: tough cookies
pic #3: forcing a 'sedate' expression, a few hours to dcfc concert (but i'm thinking of what sarah said / that love is watching someone die / so who's gonna watch you die?)

two years ago i thought, when will i get to see them live
it seems unreal

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