the right kind of kitsch

watched the royal tenenbaums, upon reading the first few lines of the synopsis felt like, uh is this franny and zooey but it turned out to be a completely different and amazing show

my first wes anderson movie lol (i know you don't know how to respond to this (EDIT: i just remembered that i've actually watched the life aquatic with steve zissou last year))
i really liked it
just exciting he made every frame, every scene worth the audience's full attention

the character i've previously referred to as 'father of tree, a retarded glee'--seems like an ideal candidate for desired father, or grandfather in movies, fooling around until arriving in his deathbed. his relationship with his grandchildren is an instant aww-inducing crush, which i think is part of the winning formula to collect back all his children's love or at least attention, proving that sincerity (or mere adorable foolishness?) is foolproof even on intellects

i like his tic tac tactics, and cheeseburger on bed now sounds like a good idea

adorable father who seems to pour his sadness over a dead wife on people around him, specifically his own father who has previously filed a lawsuit against him during the zenith of his business, started when he was still a minor. doing a pet business that invented dalmatian mouse, a borderline awkward mongrel of regular mouse/house rat and its bigger counterpart, dalmatian dog. his sons appear to be faithful devotees of him in terms of appearance and way of doing things, daily diet of activities, until they meet their grandfather the royal tenenbaum

probably everyone's favorite and every girl's role model/inspiration after watching the movie. margot stirs the air around her still and silents the swirling atmosphere. with countless odd habits adorning the plot of the movie, she's an epitome of constant, muted surprise; an antidote to every incurable bore. i just realized that she smokes in the opening credits here, another habit that she manages to shove in her antique box hidden from anyone's sight. quiet and innocent, undisturbing at a passing glance. she's never much of an annoyance, except to the loving boys, perhaps.

take that look of your face, man
no sympathy

funny spy

royal's wife who has been separated from him. i feel certain affection toward her way of dressing, cultivating a slightly unhealthy obsession over toting a kelly. now has an affair with her secretary, although i don't really support/stand against their relationship. gives an agreeable air when around, who also seems like a rather successful, somewhat strong-willed woman, constantly voicing her opinion at ease without being very loud

i like his suit, one of the most brilliant aesthetic aspects in the movie. stands out at the right volume in every scene....the contrast between the color of his suit and graying beard is pure delight

perhaps it's not very fair for a person to be remembered for his suit but this is the only thing that works for him

his transformation makes a fetching show, i felt so dumb & unobservant & immaculate when i failed to observe his affection toward margot....

his father's sincerity runs in his blood as well. silently depressed because of the nature of his impossible love/unrequited at times, i sometimes thought i needed to spare him some piety but i couldn't, although i found his character quite affable


  1. Wes Anderson is my all time favorite director! And although I must say I love all his movies, the one I think everybody must watch is The Darjeeling Limited. :)

    1. my friends have been recommending it too, i guess i'll watch it soon :)
      this is unrelated but i like paul thomas anderson's movies as well..you might want to check them out!

  2. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH [you know what this supposes to mean]