ASOS MARS loafers in pewter, size 4, fresh from delivery oven last friday but i only tried today, which turned out a little too small for me to walk in (since i'm planning to catch buses running in these shoes with socked feet)! photobooth photo taken at night, so a little blue-y but they shone perfect metallic shine during daylight or under sufficient light; dramatic blue palette under fluorescent light. you'll do me a very kind deed if you decide to purchase these mirroring silvers from me, promise i'll send you down some extremely nice prayers. i will get another pair of course, one size up but the return policy seems like much hassle, i mean not really but it just takes more time. uk-sg-uk. le sigh. better to sell them to your more deserving hands. letting go at SGD 30. standard mail at SGD 2. meet up at my convenience, can be discussed if you are really interested. thank you very much!


sneak peek of things that i am going to sell as well, help me prevent my closet size from expanding!