thimble-drinker, cart-wheeler

i would not stop thinking even if everyone else thinks otherwise
sophie mol's death that occurs not once, not twice, but several times
how one's death could grow robust and alive, outweighing her previous life
makes my fingers numb, one of them struck for a split-second by an invisible shock
it is true. sometimes your life boils down to your death. your robust, alive death.
and nothing else

a death of an acquaintance. a death of someone unknown, untouched, Untouchable
death that always feels familiar
like a tree that grows in the backyard you spend your childhood in
it is true. sometimes a stranger's death could very well be your best friend.

do you get to see everything
or nothing after death?

everything at all?
nothing at all?

death invites a polarity too extreme that any element of life could never allow
an awkward matter, included yet excluded
polarity that permits a gray area
like a lover
but death is not a lover

oh yes it is.


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