velvet elvis

an ambulance outside outdoors bar, anchored keenly to the solid ground. ican feeling ecstatic for some dodgy reasons, always, as we walked past through it (although i too, admittedly wondered in silent curiosity about that cold white structure). beside the alley, we found a lady; hair tied back, glowing with her skin tired and wet. she laid on her friend's/partner's lap, eyes flickering under the timely lack of light, trying to whisper a breath to the vacuum air. the space did not smell like anything, and without the presence of the ambulance we would barely notice her subsistence. so we walked off after stealing a glance or two at her, and continued to look for a decent shelter that could satisfy our only criterion that night: air conditioner. we found a place to sit and share a bucket of cantonese chicken wing, realising how hungry i had been after the food was served before me. yes, hunger might be the best spice one could add to magnify the food's flavour, and i know chicken wings can't go really bad anyway, but those golden-skinned little wings deserved one last lick to each bone on their own…

and with that i conclude: nothing can indicate money well spent more accurately than a couple of happily filled stomachs.

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