day #7: without seasons

one of the shortest karaoke sessions i'd had in while, but fun nevertheless…instant exercise portioned well for lungs and all

first picture: dara and me, so glad to find out that she reads during her spare time too. she likes classics, so we talked about salinger, and for something more contemporary, she said that she's in love with murakami's works. i said i need to read more of his works, i divulged my love-hate relationship with them--some of his books i found myself having an immense fondness for, some others i could just dismiss heedlessly. also told her that i wanted to read more of local books, i do think they leave a certain trace in the air that cannot be easily found in other literary works. it's full of, dilemmas to disclose desires and needs or to adhere to the present norms ie modestly concealing oneself from anonymous stares in public. and i do not mean this in its literal way only...

made up my choice, it feels pretty exciting to hold a title firmly to yourself. i hope i could get my hands on the book soon

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