day #4: i found a better life in memories

august 20th: sundipped bodies, legs almost always immersed underwater. our eyes flickered from too much sun, hair glistened under yellow heat, which makes me think, even now, what a sweet day we had. i do not know what happened, but i suddenly gained a new basic life skill that day…a much needed one, admittedly: SWIMMING! although i ain't no instant pro, no sports comic protagonist material, but i could swim effortlessly--as if my body had liquified with the water--for a short distance. for those few metres, my body swayed at ease amid the water, although i gave up after about five or six takes of breathing in land. then i promised myself, that i would get better at this. i really liked water, being underwater, familiarising myself with this dimension where i could see clearly if i wanted to. (via avissa's goggles)

staring at our wrinkled fingers and wet toes, we sat by the swimming pool. our conversations hovered over topics, which, might or might not occur had we been only in land all the time--i would not know. but it was pleasant, we hugged ourselves all the time, as if providing a helpless shroud over our grilled red skins. sometimes we took a dive or two, swam again, floated, or drowned ourselves to the bottom of the pool and laughed at the camera just to seek comfort, a shelter from this all-year summer air.

i've tried swimming alone before, which was fun and *felt* healthy, although i could not really swim. but the only thing with swimming alone is you have no one to talk to. and swimming pool conversation is never the same as water fountain conversation...

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