I PASSED MY DRIVING THEORY TEST, SO HAPPY. my very first attempt, after a jamming session at pomo behind sota with ican and omar . ican just got back from melbourne, wearing a new pair of new shoes…besides that was comforted that she's now back for good. on my way to the driving centre, i read a book full of road signs and traffic lights on the bus--they were fairly friendly and easy to form associations with. my dad was very excited, he said hurry up, just alight and take a taxi. so i did, and he approached my cab very quickly, flashing a $50 note out of his black wallet: this is for your driving licence. and i said, dad, fat chance. you know that i only studied a little... (all the more after getting only 35/50 for the test practice on the previous day HAH!)

but i did, i went out of the room, told my father the result and he kissed my forehead very gently, which he seldom does. he really wondered how i could get a pass, so did i. but i knew that i knew the answers to those questions. 48/50. meanwhile, mom was still sulking at the corner, tired of repetition, she just failed her third attempt.

on the way home, picked some socks to congratulate myself, bright like neon love

by the way, school's been good (although very time-consuming, tonnes of exams and individual + group projects) and if you want to make it better, please drop a comment on
my communication blog? Any kind of constructive comments will be very, deeply appreciated!

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