i find that in paradoxes lies the essential truth, the very core of the truth we must acquire. the only way to realise, the easiest way to see is by comparing and contrasting

i like what i feel right now, and i like that i realise that i like how i feel right now. the world feels so stable, but it's not stagnant. it's moving, i can feel its very gentle movement, a welcoming gesture to new adventures. i like how i used to feel too, not only because it raises the awareness of my contentment right now, but also it helps me view everything in retrospect. everything in the past seems far more beautiful than it actually was, but it's alright because the past needs to be glorified, so as to congratulate our feat of going through each second of it

top 5 regrets people make on their deathbed. do you feel the potential to make any one of them? there is still time.

i want to talk about a lot of things

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