plastic people

being john malkovich
, 1999

loving every second of this movie, brilliant concept(s):
our main character craig schwartz is a(n amazing) puppeteer, the idea of 'being someone else' is first introduced here: by putting your soul into puppets, you earn that capability to escape your identity and thus live as someone else. however craig's career as a puppet master does not thrive as how it should, because during the era puppet show is not a very popular type of entertainment, its existence seem to only satisfy children's hunger for pleasure of moving fables. (a category which craig's puppet show can't fit in at all)

to support his 'family'--a wife and some 'pets'--(craig's wife lotte is a vet) craig decides to look for a new job, and there he is, filing in his new office, located on the seven-and-a-halfth floor of a building. during his work time, he finds a 'portal' that leads to john malkovich's mind, this is when the movie's main concept: 'being someone else' is being re-introduced. craig tells his crush maxine who works in the same building about the portal. maxine then makes use of the portal to earn extra money, by letting people in and experience how it feels to be 'inside another skin' for around 15 minutes.

among other 'destabilising' movies i've seen before, this is the best hands down...the concepts are clear from the beginning, the rest of the movie is just a well-executed extension of them. good thing is the concepts do not only extend, but also develop, thus there's an adequate dose of surprises lurking around each corner... it's got some intense dramas, and the acting is ace (almost on par with magnolia)

at night i watched scott pilgrim, fell asleep in the middle, but in the end it managed to get an ok from me...can't deny there are some parts that i truly like (fast-paced fussless transitions of the scenes, decent music, cera's dodgy role)


  1. one of my favorite movies of all time
    great harmony between spike jonze's directing and charlie kauffman's writing.