last night i saw so many lights
some people were wrapped up in drapes and fringes of black.

i went to the rabbit hole, there was this screening of short movies/videos representing regional fashion labels (blackheart, nikicio, lhly, etc) it was...ok? the screening was late and situations were all awkward at first, we were nicely invited to ican's friend's table, but we couldn't stay long because apparently it was designers' table (there were 'too many' of us), so we stood by the tree, eyes fixated on the giant screen, watching stark movements/distorted, grainy images/specific colour schemes of the video presentation. i'd seen nikicio's video before so i had no new thought on that, instead i thought of how some videos carried similar concepts (cutting edge classy-trippy music, playing with lighting/fluidity of movements) and how video lookbooks like these in future might further serve as a good companion of the photograph lookbooks of budding local/regional fashion labels. (but not replacement)

kevin and tania said they wanted to eat but i said i wanted to see the dj set, i gave in first, we went inside the white rabbit restautant (it used to be a church? nice place, reminded me of chijmes) but the tables were full, one of the waiters kept asking us were we up for drink or food, ican said both, i said you should say food then...obviously food goes with some drinks. he then asked whether we were really going to order any food in the first place (a subtle gesture of dismissal) so we left.

we went to the drink counter, from there we could hear teenage illionaires spinning phoenix's liztomania, i said to ican let's go to the front so we went, there were a few people dancing and we danced along as well

after a few songs i shook hands with the duo, i said i was the one requesting some artists on twitter, they said oh yeah we know, and asked me what was my request? friendly fires/foals/breakbot, i said, there were more, but i couldn't remember them all. i remembered they were playing crystal castles' baptism and i was happy, i chanted the chorus loudly, and they called me again do you want us to play paris or skeleton boy? skeleton boy it was, remixed with something else (too short) and then we had some flight facilities, boys noize x the chemical brothers, of montreal, cut copy, etc

somewhen in the middle of the night i met rachel in front of the dj deck, last time we met it was halloween at home club, so we caught up with each other and it was nice, like me she would start her uni soon. i introduced her to ican and she introduced me to some of her friends. one of the friends had flame red lips and a structured haircut. she was all in black and had a pair of nice platform shoes on and told me where she worked. she asked me where do i work i said i'm studying communication, she said she thought i was in fashion. i told her that i applied to her company twice and she said that perhaps i should try reapplying

some guy pulled my choker and mentioned the designer, i said yes, and we chatted briefly. the second time it was a girl grabbing my choker, again this person mentioned the designer's name, and i said yes yes, she said she was actually the sales associate. she gave me her name card and as how it often occurs, it turned out that i had known her works before and i mentioned her latest project/collaboration, and she introduced me to more friends.

at this point i thought of how effective this social catalyst is, it lubricates any kind of discussions, but i also thought of how people might forget their new friends once they grow sober. i'm saddened by people who are friendly only when high, i feel like their warmth and openness are very insincere, wouldn't that mean their efforts (to socialise) are wasted afterwards? seems superficial and bleak

they went to home club and ican and i thought of going too, we could hail a cab but ican said she had to be back early, so we went home and the cab fare was horrendous. before fetching the cab we walked to the main road, along the way we sang and talked about a lot of things, we could still hear some music, "teenage kicks" by nouvelle vague. it was nice to be walking in the middle of the night with someone. the air was still, the sky and the pavement shared similar shades. i could still smell the stench of cigarettes on my top and although i do not smoke, i liked the smell it left, and hoped that it would still linger come morning. it did, and i woke up inhaling the rich scent.

i walked to my table and saw a giant thumbprint on my plate choker.

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