Nothing in this book is true.

That's how the book Cat's Cradle begins. it's mainly about this cult called "bokononism" in a country called San Lorenzo. Unlike other religions, "bokononism" admits that it is nothing but shameless lies. Sarcastic much? You may be irked, or you may appreciate the idea/humour presented in this book. Either way, the book is entertaining and funny; it's full of madness and denial and a certain dose of queerness that Bokononists commit everyday, which I can pretty much relate to some of our religious practices.

I haven't finished Choke, so far it is kind of tiring and full of palahniuk-ish "wtf" moments. But like his other books, there are some seemingly useless yet hilarious and informative chunks that I think are the main height of his books. And the endings are usually spectacular too, so I guess it will be a good ride worth a little more patience.

I had fried salmon this morning, it's one of my favourite dishes to make; so hassle free and the taste never disappoints. I usually dip it in lemon sauce/mayonnaise/mild garlic chilli/McD's curry sauce but it's already great on its own anyway

All you need are:
1) a good salmon fillet
2) a dash of salt
3) a sprinkle of parsley and ground black pepper

Perhaps the only difficult thing is deciding when you have to turn off the stove. I like having it well done, because unless it's cooked that way, you're not likely to get the golden-crisp salmon skin. It is so good that it tastes rather like a snack

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