I write about love when I'm not in love.

I wonder why love has so many aliases nowadays. It's been synonymous with lust, money, complete selfishness, forced devotion, fate, etc. Perhaps it's because the word love is too broad, too commonly used that looking into it has become one negligible and quite fruitless task.

Love is, like air, everywhere. Love is, like religion, profoundly personal. Love has too many explanations. Love is something intangible, but not unreachable. Love is one thing that its existence heavily depends on your faith in it.

Is love better left as a one-way conversation? Because sometimes keeping it to yourself is amongst the greatest feelings in the world, like burying a treasure box or time capsule in your backyard. Letting it leak, letting others peek, will only leave scars and aches. Sometimes discovery by others is inevitable, though. Like a good evil deal goes, there's always an expensive price to pay. Nevertheless, bruises left by love are like no other bruises. They're tender, they are beautiful and painful at the same time. Love may fade but its bruises remain. They won't heal, even with time--but that's where the beauty lies.

Dictionary seems of zilch usefulness when it comes to defining love, and so does Thesaurus. Cherish, adore, like, desire--no, they've never been the equivalents of love. Love is one of those words that are untranslatable into a simpler or a more complicated language. Love is a word, merely consists of four letters, that exceptionally requires you to feel before you can confidently say that you have fully comprehended it. Love is indeed, a very strong word.

Love is intangible, nor is it concrete and thus there's almost no way to detect it. Sometimes you're unsure, sometimes the vigorous poundings of your heart, the echoing sounds in your head, the gentle warmth wrapping your body bear a genuine resemblance of love. But you are uncertain, and it's okay. Love is not a disease which you are able to detect its earlier symptoms. All you can do is go for it, if you fall you just have to get up--there's no shortcut. When it's time for love to surface, you'll know. You just do.


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