in hands or in the bush, it doesn't really matter anymore.


I still remember the saying "one bird in hands is better than two birds in the bush", which must be practically familiar to you, at least you must once have heard of it, unintentionally crossed it, found it, or dag it on purpose. It might be different in other languages, but sure enough you will find a fair number of this kind of sayings in many other languages, only in different words. Many will infer from this saying that what you have is worth much much more than what you don't, despite the lower quantity. You might not have greatest mom, most respectable dad, adorable sisters, or most helpful brothers in the world; but come to think of it, comparing is an endless issue, in them you will always find scars and cracks here and there, some of them are real ugly you cannot even stand taking a glimpse of them. If accepting is too hard for you, you don't deserve them AT ALL.

I can say that we rather inverse the saying unconsciously, into "two birds in the bush are better than one bird in hands." Let it be told, it is easier to view things we don't have as greater ones, better ones, more precious, more spectacular, as in the saying "the grass is always greener on the other side", which makes it more true and more relevant to the common situations nowadays. And by the time you have finally possessed what you had been longing and dying to lay you hands on it, it becomes regular, ordinary; not worth the word precious at all, as if it was none of any importance. Then you straightaway think you should throw it away as soon as possible, without thinking twice. The ending is always miserable, for you or for those you have disposed or both.

It is easy to forget whatever things you have in your hands right now.
But can't you see how tough it is to get over something that you once had, but is now no longer yours anymore?

photo: weheartit

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