HOW TO GET RID OF WRITER'S BLOCK (even if you are not a writer)

Hi readers, you know what? I couldn't find some greetings that sound catchy enough, so I ended up with this corny opening. I found that good morning/afternoon/whatever part of day it is will be too relative so I chose a simple Hi. I had to write readers because people will sound too unfriendly, folks will now sound too fancy, or maybe not? Oh whatever. I just couldn't find an appropriate greeting. So let's not concern too much about it.

First of all, I have to admit that I've abandoned this blog for a week, thus I'm here to apologise. Well, not exactly. I did try to write. Several times. But it was very hard to find things to write, or if I found it I couldn't find the way to write it out, or the right words, or the right feelings, I just felt I lost my ability to rephrase things on my mind. Because I was experiencing the thing called............


(Imagine I was screaming the words like this, just like what my beloved friend, Vania, did ;p)

You know what it feels like, don't you? And don't you tell me "yes it sucks" because indeed, it does! And you know what's worse? You can get the feeling even if you DO NOT write! Yes, even if you are not a writer. Have you ever felt disoriented, lost, empty, confused, WHATEVER--- those-things-that-sound-bad-enough-to-hear-of are effects and consequences of having a writer's block. Yes, I'm talking about writer's block that is experienced not only by writers but other people too. (So how should I call it? Anyone has the term?)

So let's not talk about how bad it is, how suck it does, how it-has-turned-my-good-day-upside-down, let's try to resolve it! Or even better if you haven't had it, let's talk about ways to prevent it! So *drumroll* how can it be overcome? Give you some tricks that will hopefully work out in your cases, because it worked out in mine!


1) Read something inspiring. Watch something good for you. Hear the music that put a smile on your face. Inspirations are everywhere, these are some of the easiest ways get 'em. Come on, inspirations won't approach you that easily if you just sit up there and do absolute nothing! Do you think you will get your inspiration without any effort? Way no! What have you got to lose? Besides, some general knowledge and trivial facts (which is important and appealing at the same time) can be gained along with your inspirations. Think about it. Some of these medias may change your perception about things. About life. Of course it may affect you in a bad way, so you have to decide the right choices and be more selective and objective on picking up messages and moral value. Don't pick something against you, you beliefs, or your principals just because they sound, or look cool if they will just hurt you at last. Do you need some recommendations? Don't worry, They are coming up! (uplifting song : Happy - Natasha Bedingfield. A must listen!)


2) Get Outside. No no, I didn't mention anything about shopping. Or cinemas. Or your usual activities. Go outside and do something different. I know a lot of you guys, (especially girls), DO love shopping, and blow your (parents') money on it. I'm not saying that is bad, hey, look, I could be a chronic shopaholic too! But the disaster comes when you forget, or have no idea when to stop. I can say I am grateful enough because I'm quite picky at it and know where to cut it off. So if you are quite much of a shopaholic, now go outside, take a deep breath, inhale some fresh air. If you are saying that your town, for example, Jakarta, is polluted, don't be in a hurry to put the blame on the government. Go to your backyard, or anywhere filled with greenery (don't say there isn't any) and breathe calmly there for some moments. After that, it's good if you do a little walk or jog, and it will be the best during the dawn or dusk or even night; as the air is better and you are less likely to meet people, which feels REALLY good, as if you are the only human being on the planet. Then you have higher chance to find joy here, believe me. Focus on the sight, smells, and sounds surrounding you, and I don't have to lecture you what to do next. Get the feeling, experience it on your own, and figure out.


3) If you are done with "peaceful" acts, try to be more active! Get involved in competitions, exhibitions, community programme, reunion, parties, ANYTHING! This is really good especially if you used to have little chance or time to interact with people. If you are daring enough, go and take part in something bigger. Meet new people, get more friends and share what you can share! Only one thing to remember : NEVER OVERDO IT. Don't force your body to do something involving many physical works you can't actually manage. And when you have a party to go, stay alert. If you are a non-smoker and non-drinker, well hey you've got advantages over the others! But if you are, try not to stuff those poison too much. At least this time, when you are trying to get rid of The Block under this regime. Cigs and stubbies will definitely make your feelings worse; not helping you to feel better at all. They are just a sweet short escape. I know people who had stopped but started again, I know it's hard to quit, I know there are thousands reasons not to quit, but there are MILLIONS reasons why you have to. Things seem much better when you are sober.


4) Be creative! Write, paint, take pictures, doodle, bake, MAKE SOMETHING! No matter how insignificant you think those things are, they helped you get your feelings, thoughts out and you brain working without having you sleeping off the bore. Be honest. Liberate. Write what you want to write. Draw what you want to see. Bake what you want to taste. Feel the sense of accomplishment afterwards.

5) Take lessons behind every incidents. These may sound hard, but everything will seem better and easier if you are being more forgiving. No burden, you will step your foot lightly everywhere. At least, try to. Sometimes (ok, most of times) it is hard to control your exploding emotions, especially if you are a youngster in your teens. But take the advantage, because you are more labile, you can forgive easily, can't you? If you find this hard at first, remember their kindness. Remember the good deeds you may have forgotten, and contemplate how if it hadn't be done by anyone else. Sometimes what makes it hard is your pride, but in fact you won't have to take off any of it when you try to forgive and look at the brighter side of everything. Confucius once said, "Life is simple, but we insist on making it complicated."

6) Take care of trivial things in your life. Pay attention to details, they deserve some:

Hit your bed earlier. Okay, I know some of you, and again, including me, just love to stay late. And worse, some of you claim to have insomnia. But try to, believe me, it's gonna feel great when you wake up the next morning. Or even if you are awake in the noon. Plus, should I mention how it contributes to your health, too?

Know you are loved. DON'T EVER SAY you have never been loved. If you ever think you are, come and face me. I believe everyone deserves to be loved. I mean every SINGLE one.

Clean your room. Helps your mind to be organised. Seriously. You are what you see.

LAUGH. At random things you suddenly remember, at scenes happening in front of you. Laugh more. It's the best cure to stay young and keep your stress away.

Take a break from everything. If you are reading this now (of course), move away from the screen and try to do some simple inhale-exhale activities. Close your eyes and release the stress. Feel the joy buried deep down inside. Remember to do this frequently, wherever you are. It keeps you alive.

Stay closer to The Almighty. I'm not saying this to atheists, or those who don't believe in God, or those who think they don't have a God. Other than that, you should evaluate yourself : Have you been further away from God? No matter how great you have been, your relationship with God must be kept well. This is very, very, very crucial and trivial some people have really long forgotten it.


So, how do you feel now? I hope some of the above tricks may help you. I know, I know, sometimes the feelings are so bad it can't be overcome easily, but it will certainly disappear with the passage of time. But will you just sit there and do absolute nothing, not trying to do something about it? It's totally up to you. Questions or feedback are welcomed. Have a GHUUUUREEEEEAAAATTTTTTTT DAY! (See, it just ain't great when it comes to you! ;)