I miss the sight of the bustling morning traffic of the city,
where motorbikes rushing against red lights,
with horns blowing, and scents of hazy polluted air.
But we were safe there, inside your car,
cursing and swearing with your latest gossips,
and scents of your perfume, too.

That mixture was the most perfect, or if not, near perfect,
or for short, it was heaven on earth.
I miss the humble dish of deep-fried fish, beneath the tent
at the fringe of the town, and the view of open space behind us.

I miss the misshaped building, iron corroding,
sunlight piercing through the dusty window
of the classes
in our school.


Then we would be talking at the back of the biology class,
with frozen skeleton staring right at us,
and teacher conducting a practical,
practical, practical jokes.

I miss talking straight from heart, mind open,
brain contracting, tears and fears,
boiling rage
but you told my
lungs to relax,
several hiccups,
then silent.

I miss those states of mind, distorted, our proud selves, when we judged people and being judged, too. When we were mean, when we were selfish, when we were ignorant, when we were random.

The coca cola in McDonald's, the magazines, the cheesy meatball, and the cheesy toast bread in front of our school.
The growling stomach, the dirty giggles, the CDs in your car, the sayings, the loud music in random places, the karaoke, the singings, the movies, the complaining mouths that just can't get enough.
The bedrooms, the bathrooms, the cars, the parties, the places, the imaginary spaces we ever lived on.

I miss you, you, you, I miss. I miss you too much.

You know that you are irreplaceable
And this fact is irreversible.

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