basic space

this is a post made on midnight, 2:47 o' clock when I started. By the way, I rarely sleep late. Seriously. But tonight I couldn't sleep a wink at all and decided to sneak into my own bedroom. I don't know what I really want to talk about, but I do contemplating so many times these times. What do you think? Ah, and if you want to know what I've been thinking about, this is it : future. If you could travel through space and time, would you like to go? Skipping bad moments, rewinding those good times, and fast-forwarding sad clips in life. So you can live to the full. Is that true? I don't know, I might not want to know at all, actually, some people believe that you can do better if you can live your life once again. But this is the most cliche answer, said by all the beauty pageant candidates and big names in music industries : "all the things happening in my life, whether good or bad, they are part of the learning process and leading to the life I am living now. So I'm not gonna change a thing," complete with a toothy wide smile and bubbly enthusiasm. I, too, may will say the same thing if I have a name to protect. But since I am a nobody-not yet, I can say whatever I want, can't I?

If I could live my live once again, I would
embrace every moments to the fuller limit, enjoy everyone's company, without having to worry about tomorrow. And I won't wanna go back at all.

Because now, I miss trivial moments I used to think I wouldn't care a hoot at all.

It's not that I want to live in the past, it's just that I am really graceful that I had such a past. No adjective needed, because they all are dry when I start using them to define those times. I'm not gonna say "I don't need to go back at all, I love my life now." No matter how good my life is now, or my life would be, I'll really love it if I have the chance to travel through space and time.

Let's move to the other thing.

Lately, I feel like writing music, melody. I know you might be laughing at me. I've never been able to play guitar, and I seem to have no talent at music at all. If you were gonna tell me those things, you need not. I know that. But words are never enough to elaborate the space and time I am in, and it feels really really terrible when I can't get what's inside out. So I know, I have to learn.

Recently, I've been missing something. But I don't know what or who it is. Any ideas?

(Indeed I miss my daddy, I haven't met him for a month. Anyway, I saw more people are missing his/her daddies. I know your pain, folks.)