City of The World

I can't say how much I love Jakarta and I am bursting with pride every time shouting "Oh! This is my hometown!" at the bottom of my heart. I am that kind of people whose super strong sense of belonging to the land where they were born, I am definitely a hometown person. Paris is not the most beautiful city and London is not that magnificent to live in, for those people. I have no idea whether this is a good thing because it has made me really hard to live in other places. I am not a real traveller. Yes, I am, but in the shortest time.

For me, Jakarta is not just a hometown. It's where I grew up, learnt a gazillion things, laughed gleefully, and cried meaningfully. If I had to choose one thing that has influenced me the most, it would be Jakarta. Despite being kind of polluted, physically and mentally, it gave me things I can never ever get in any other places.

Because It gives me The Most Agreeable Buddies
It has The Most Wonderful People
It gives me The Most Loving Parents
It gives me The Most Honest Laughs
It gives me The Most Relieving Cries
It feeds me The Most Delightful Food
It provides me The Most Beautiful Sight of Places
It teaches me The Most Precious Lessons of Life
And of course, this three quarter of month, it gives me The Best Time In My Life!


  1. hey...what's your best time in life?

    however, i do love jakarta too, though i wasn't born here,

    but, you're right. it is so enjoyable city!

  2. yes it is, and I have an uncountable amount of best moments in my life! <3