I feel fat these days................see the weighty bubbly cheeks? :(

Just some quick updates, I need to get things clear soon. This blog will be in hiatus for quite number of days. Yes I mean, I'm trying not to hop on my laptop and using internet for this period. Unlimited access to internet is really a lancet for me, I just could not stop myself from doing browsing and more and more browsing in spite of sitting for mid year examination paper for the next two weeks......................................grrrrr I really should've studied instead of doing this but I just don't know what to revise, I'm crap with this kind of stuff. Guess I'm being so young selfish and reckless these recent days, I just don't know.

Ah, I've updated my gallery and some other account like Myspace but not facebook. I was flooded with birthday greetings there which of course; made me totally happy. But I am afraid of not having time to give some warm enough replies for them thus I decided not to be active there for a while. For those who had greeted me, thank you very much, I really love it :)

And I can't get these songs out of my head recently :

Pilihanku - Maliq & d'Essentials
Fine local band majoring in soulful pop-jazz music, I love the atmosphere when they are performing live
Brand New Colony - The Postal Service
Their stuff is amazing! I don't know the name of genre they are in; some electronic but not in the way of that kind of merry-go-round stuff. And also the lyrics of this song succeeded to hook me up as soon as it was revealed.
Funny Little Frog - Belle & Sebastian
Such a whimsical melody, I just love it!
Biarlah - Soulvibe
Great tune. Won't get out of your head after several plays. For me I have more specific reason as this is one of the songs My friend and I used to listen and sing along ever since it was released for the first time. And the lyrics....hmm can't say nothing about it.

I listen to quite a lot of local songs these couple of days, and it has made me feel good :)

And I can't get enough of You Are My Sunshine. On this new album, Aaron Marsh, the vocalist of Copeland has done much falsetto and I think he has done a good job. Although some people said they prefer the previous album but I still love their stuff and I could say more for good. Chin Up, On The Safest Ledge, and The Day I Lost My Voice are more than worth listening. You've gotta check them out!

Thank you for being such loyal and friendly readers, gotta see you soon!
Love xx


  1. I really like reading your blog, and your photos are superb!
    happy belated birthday btw :)

  2. ahhhh much thankyou sweetie :)

  3. <3 your photosssssss and i love the soulvibe song too hihihi

  4. thankyou mod I know we all love that ;)

  5. For God's sake, what is lancet?