Buy me a mirror please

I told people not to do this
not to do that

I said, "Don't be too selfish,
Don't be so childish."

I reminded them not to judge people by their cover
Not to jump into shallow conclusion

I explained how to view things differently
How to take sensible perspectives

I taught them how to find the answer
Even how to question the answer

In the end
I asked why can't they see?
Why can't they understand?

Haven't I explained them clearly?


I explained it too clearly
I can't see who is really in need of those explanations

It was me who needs
a) to be told
b) to be told off
c) to be told and taught

I was actually trying to say it to myself
But I can't accept the fact
I'm that imperfect
Thus I said it to people around me instead

I've been defending myself
All this time

Is it okay to behave
to think this way?
Do you mind if I keep things remain unchanged
just like this?


  1. keren banget suppo aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  2. oh my thanks so much for your compliment. but you write good too my dear.

  3. eeeeeemmmmh I do envy your ability in english maaaaaaaan kikikiki likeable post anyway :)

  4. I'd probably sweating like a pig to contemplate this fancy post. It's inspiring. I should go for more song-writing, man hahahaha

  5. I really can't thank you enough; those were very sweet of you all ;)

  6. hmm very nice
    I need more mirror too