Wszystkiego Najlepszego

(first piccies I took this morning after getting up without fixing hair or anything *giggle*)

So far (10:50 am on my birthday) 51 people had congratulated me a Happy Birthday, they are all from Jakarta and a few of them I even barely know. Actually I don't really deserve this, because firstly I have never been able to remember the date they were born. Secondly, I thought they have forgotten when my birthday is and you know, I don't really mind if they forgot because I can do nothing to keep them remembering me.... I've always been missing them, honestly; and I guess I've something in return :) Ah, I am really overjoyed knowing how loyal they are and how they still remember me and my birthday; they are what you can really call True Friends, which I might not be able to find again anywhere else.

This is the first birthday in my life without cakes. Last year I got three or four, from some of my lovely friends and my mum. Such nice people, they are :) This year my mum only cook me some baked potato with cheese and broccoli (my favorite! It really resembles the one from Wendy's) and some other stuff like noodles and bread and mashed potatoes. Yes, today is probably the humblest birthday ever but I am not going to complain about it.


  1. huaaaaaaaa miss you, happy birthday my Amanda Rizkitaaaaa

  2. thank you my Fidhyaaaaaaaaa, mwah!


  3. man ulang taun yang ke 16 apa 17 deh?

  4. hah umur lo brp? gue baru tau............ kk anti wkakakaka

  5. hahaha tai umur gue 16 juga tapi gue februari man,wuah adek manda wakakak