Depression Detector

Some random test given by a teacher who happened to replace my maths teacher at the time. Quite silly but somehow it is interesting as it is super ordinary of its kind, or maybe not? Try it by yourself. It was only a yes or no question so it won't take much of your time. When you get the result tell me straightaway, I'll be lovin to hear others' answers :-) I won't post all of the questions anyway, they were drop dead boring. My answer was in italic.

1. Do you feel worthless or helpless when you encounter obstacles and problems? Sometimes, so it's yes then.

2. Have you lost interest or pleasure in hobbies and activities that you used to enjoy? No.

3. Are you always feeling sad, anxious, or empty? No.

4. Have you experienced any weight gain through overeating? No.

5. Do you have difficulty remembering things or concentrating? Yes.

6. Are you restless or irritable? YES ESPECIALLY FOR NOW.

7. Are you blaming yourself for your failures? No.

At the end of the sheet I wrote: I'm happy with my life and definitely not depressed, period.

But was it the truth? Or was I trying to escape from the fact that I might be depressed? I began to evaluate and question every decisions I've taken, every actions and thoughts I've made in my life, and somehow I thought that every solution for the particular problem in life may could not be that straightforward. And now if the quiz were given again, I would answer Yes for Question no. 3; Are you always feeling sad, anxious, or empty?

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