blunt and lame and other 79 insignificant adjectives

I hate :
1) feeling overwhelmed
2) being in a rush
3) getting too much information at the same time
4) losing time to rest or relax or just to lay back
5) being in need to adapt from something that I am very used to

I love :
1) my friends
2) my peers
3) my family
4) myself

I believe in :
1) last minutes' work
2) God
3) myself
4) possibilities, chances, and opportunities

I am bad at :
1) planning
2) doing the same thing over a long period over and over again
3) memorising
4) defining myself with just number of words
5) identifying myself either
6) keeping myself in a static
7) working under pressure
8) letting go

I am good at :
1) wasting time usefully
2) wasting time literally
3) doing anything I would like to do
4) standing up from difficulties
5) falling down from victories
6) changing
7) mimicking
8) doing last minute work

When I feel extremely blunt, sometimes what I need is just making a list and keep track of how I've been changing, and growing up. Usually I keep it for myself, but since I have a blog to share, I did not.

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