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Last few weeks I read heaps of books from library, simply because I was dying bored. I do not know why I am soooo excited when it comes to reading, though much people see it as a weird ritual. I do not read too much books either, actually. I am lazy monkey, do not know how to use her time efficiently.

The Mrs Marridge Project by Pauline Fisks

Yes yes, I admitted that I picked this one just because its eye-candy cover and the critical acclaims to the author. The prologue and halfway through was fun but the rest, especially the ending, totally lost the hit. The wild and peculiar mind of the author she spoilt into the main character was actually fantastic, considering the main character (whose name I forgot) was just thirteen something. New world for teenagers. (I am still one of them ain't I?)

Kiki Strike by Kirsten Miller

Five delinquent Girl Scouts, a million hungry rats, one secret city beneath Manhattan, and a butt-kicking girl superspy- welcome to the world of Kiki Strike. This several awards winning book even has its own website, www.kikistrike.com (try to check it, the website is more than worthy for a visit) I found this book is, uhm, interesting but I am not really into this book actually. The idea was to discover Shadow City, a city far below the ground. It was good, had its own adventurous and girls part, but the style of narrating it was a bit overdone. Worthy read, but not so pleasant.

Perfect by Natasha Friend

Rich but humble, strong but simple. It told a story of a thirteen years old girl who had an eating disorder. She threw up at almost every moments and when her mom figured it out, she had to go to something like counselor and this was where the story began. So teenagers, but it had a great impact after all. The author gave some metamorphs which were earthy and not teaching. Perfect definitely has its own value.

I also read Target by Kathleen Jeffrie Johnson, but I have not finished it yet. She had a great style of writing, but I have not found the point yet. Some says The Parallel Universe of Liars was her great debut and I am curious to explore it. I'd love to pick more books, but I shall be busy since I started working everyday. Any recommendation?


  1. ahhh cuteee books! I would love to read them :P dont you like twilight saga, eh?

  2. yeaa modd, cool books are everywhere. Ahh i havent read em hihihi is it good?

  3. Try to read 'Tuesday With Morrie' and 'The Dog Purpose' they are great :)