Meet me in Montauk

You might know a nearly famous quote thrown by Joel Barish of Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind, "Sand is overrated. It's just tiny, little rocks."

People should've known this for sure, but they keep going, and praising beach as a paradise. Why people go there to enjoy the little rocks, while they could see the view of bigger and more various shape of rocks even in front of their house yard? I admitted, I'd love to go to the beach too. Sand is the most essential element on the beach, beside the water. Most of the beautiful beach on this widewide world have the shiniest sand as their asset. Undeniably, It has a well-crafted magical appeal. But still, it's just tiny, little rocks.

One of my friends asked me later, "Why do you fall? What do you see in him?"

Considering his words, I wondered, kept thinking and couldn't find the answer that would fit the question. It's unanswerable! "You've overrated him. He's just a cruel liar, a jerk," my friend said. Maybe he's true but, what could I say? There're gazillion guys out there which, maybe, better I guess. But when it comes to him, no words needed. Magical. And overrated. Just as sand.

Hey, it doesn't mean I would do anything for him. I loved him, maybe. But no longer, hopefully. So never ask me that ridiculous hard question again. Don't ask me why, either I'd love to answer: Why not?


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  2. yea, one of my uncle said "when a girl falls (in love), she doesnt need the reason why"

    or she maybe doesnt care, like me. hahaha xoxo

  3. you need to check in a rehab, he is your disease

  4. makasih mauddy, such a beautiful quote your uncle had. disease apanya?

  5. beeeuuuuh hanun, kayak lagunya rihanna yang rehab. ahahahaah

  6. and this one, is a very inspiring movie :-)